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Updated 9th September 2004

I have various research interests. In particular, I work on the phenomenolgy of neutrino oscillations, and on anything to do with CP violation. A big part of my CP violation work is on the BaBar Experiment at SLAC. Eg. I edited the BaBar Physics Book, SLAC-R-504, November 1998.

Here are some of my theoretical publications on Quark mixing, CP-violation and Neutrino oscillations with Don Perkins and/or Bill Scott.

  • Generation Permutation Symmetry and the Quark Mixing Matrix June 1994. Phys.Lett.B333:471-475, 1994.
  • Threefold Maximal Lepton Mixing and the Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Deficits. December 1994, Phys.Lett.B349:137-144, 1995.
  • No Mikheev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein Effect In Maximal Mixing December 1995, Phys.Lett.B374:111-115, 1996.
  • Further Evidence for Threefold Maximal Lepton Mixing and a Hierarchical Spectrum of Neutrino Mass-Squared Differences (figures) January 1997, Phys.Lett.B396:186-196, 1997.
  • A Redetermination of the Neutrino Mass-Squared Difference in Tri-Maximal Mixing with Terrestrial Matter Effects March 1999, Phys.Lett.B458:79-92, 1999.
  • CP and T Violation in Neutrino Oscillations and Invariance of Jarlskog's Determinant to Matter Effects December 1999, Submitted to Physics Letters B.
  • Here are some of my unpublished technical notes on similar subjects.

  • Notes on LSND and Atmospheric Neutrino Deficit: are they Compatible with a CKM-like Hierarchy? April 1995.
  • Discriminating Between Threefold Maximal Mixing, Fritzsch-Xing and Other Near-Maximal Mixing Matrices November 1995.
  • Analytic Treatment of Matter Effects in the Earth for Tri-maximal Mixing December 1998.
  • Solution of Neutrino Propagation Equation without Diagonalisation for Arbitrary Hamiltonian January 1999.
  • A number of other results from this collaboration are summarised in talks and notes by my collaborator Bill Scott.

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