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Updated 24th January 2000

I have various research interests. In particular, I work on the phenomenolgy of neutrino oscillations, and on anything to do with CP violation.

You can find my publications and some informal notes.

About the Department of Physics
Queen Mary, with over 8,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, is one of the five major Colleges of the University of London, awarding University of London Degrees.
The Department of Physics has a national and international reputation for research and was ranked Grade 5 by the Higher Education Funding Council in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise. Teaching and research in physics has been going on at the College for over a century, in an informal and friendly atmosphere, with undergraduate students usually working on their coursework or projects in the same laboratories as academic staff and postgraduates. Final year projects are usually closely connected with our research. It is this, and the easy access to staff engaged in the frontiers of research, which makes our educational environment special, together with our thirty years' experience with modular degrees where students are encouraged to design individual programmes of study.

Utilising the full resources of a multifaculty campus as well as those of the University of London, we also provide a stimulating framework for a whole spectrum of combined courses for students whose main interests lie outside Physics but who wish to combine a study of physics with other disciplines.

Our Aims and Objectives reflect our commitment to recruit students from a wide range of educational backgrounds and to provide them with a course of study tailored to their interests and employment aspirations.

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education recently commented:

"The undergraduate provision is appropriately designed to meet the aim of promoting skills applicable to a variety of careers."

"The reviewers' observations confirmed students' views that the overall quality of teaching is high."

"The most effective sessions were characterised by excellent planning and organisation, good supporting documentation, relevant and current content, student engagement, and good use of illustrations and instruments from research."

"The rate of progression to employment or further study for the last two cohorts is good."

"Current and former students expressed great satisfaction with the helpful and approachable departmental staff, and the excellent staff-student rapport was evident to the reviewers."

"[A] team of highly professional technical staff provides valued support to students engaged in practical work, and constructs equipment for lecture demonstrations."

"Excellent library resources are available to support the subject."

"Students the reviewers met were confident that their concerns are taken seriously and acted upon, either through formal channels or in response to informal approaches."

Further Information about the Department
The Student Handbook is a concise source of information about the Department and also contains links to detailed pages of further information on individual programmes of study and courses.
For prospective UGs links to a brochure giving an introduction to the Department mainly intended for potential undergraduates.

For prospective PGs links to a brochure giving an introduction to the research carried out in the Department and is aimed mainly at potential postgraduate research students. A number of postgraduate studentships are available.

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